▶ Electric Power Installation
  1. The electric wiring shall be laid in the wall of booth and 1 single phase or 1 of 3 phase N.F.B switch shall be installed in booth.
  2. The electricity for operation of exhibits will be furnished at the exhibitor's own cost according to request of the exhibitor.
  3. Electric will be supplied as follows.
    - AC 200V, Single phase, 2Wires, 60Hz
    - AC 200V/380V, 3Phase, 3Wires, 60Hz
▶ Telephone

The organizer shall install telephone service separately for domestic call, and international calls at the request of exhibitor.

▶ LAN for lnternet

The LAN for Internet is only supplied to the applicants for T1

▶ Water Supply, Drainage and Compressed Air

Upon the exhibitor's request, the organizer shall install water pipe lines, compressed air service from existing facilities to the exhibitor's booth according to the following standards
- Water supply pressure : 10kg/㎠, Pipe diameterø20mm
- Drainage : Pipe diameter ø75mm
- Compressed air : Maximum Pressure 8kg/㎠, Pipe diameter ø20mm