All Kinds of tools, Weldings, machine tools and equipment on display.
(Exhibitors: Manufacturers, Associations, Import-export agencies in connection with Metalworking Machine & Tools, Weldings)

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Cutting Tools

Turning, Milling, Drilling, Threading, Brazing Tool, Tooling System
Drill, End Mill, Reamer, Tap, Milling Cutter, Gear Tool, Broaching Tool, Single Point Tool, Rotary Burr, Punch, Dies, Circular Saw Blade, Knife, Tool Bit, Chuck, Insert, Boring Bar, Tooling System, Tungsten Carbide Tool, Bi-metal Hole Cutter, Tipped Saw, Speical Tool, CBN, PCD

Diamond Tools

Stone & Construction Tools
Diamond Cutting Tool, Diamond Grinding Wheel, Dressing Tool, Glass Cutter, Diamond File, Abrasive And Polishing Paste, Abrasive Disc, Abrasive Products With Diamond, Concrete Drill-Bits

Industrial Tools
PCD Drill, PCBN Endmill, PCD Reamer, PCD Face Milling Cutter, CBN Wheel, Dresser, Honing Tool, Lapping Tool, Edge Wheel, Ginding Weel, Micro Blade, Ingot Tool

Polishing/Mold Tools

Pin, Spring, Grinding Wheel, Cut-Off Wheel, Vitrified, Resinoid, Cutting wheel, Net grinding wheel, polishing Pad, Granite Surface Plate, Square

Electric Power &
Pneumatic Tools

Drill, Grinder, Sander, Hammer, Driver, Saw, Cutter, Planer, Cut-Off Machine, Impact Wrench, Spray Gun, Coil Nailer, Stapler, Riveter, Accessory And Other Electric Power & Pneumatic Tools, Air Tacker

Hand Tools

Cutting Plier, Diagonal Cutter, Spanner, Wrench, Driver, Vise, Hammer, Scraper, Tin Snip, File, Planer, Other Plier, Tool Kit, Gardening Tool

Electrician's Hand

Portable Battery Operated Tool, Crimping Tool, Hydraulic Tool, Torque Wrench, Tack, Puller, Wire Stripper, Cable cutter, Tube Bender,Gas Torch, Wire Reel, Glue Gun, Iron, Tweezer, Solder, Laser Welder, Laser Marker

Wood Working Tools

Fold Pocket Saw, Scissor, Hose Cutter, Tile Cutter, Vacuum Cup Holder, Hand S-Bar, Carpenter, Poise, Square, Hand Plane, Chisel, Ladder, Tip Saw, Wood Working Hand Tool, Angle Grinder, Planer, Trimmer, Sander, Polisher, Circular Saw

Measuring Tools

Three Dimensional Coordinate Measuring Machine, Microscope,
Videoscope, Projector, Laser Level, Measuring Tape, Roundness
Measurement, Straightness Measurement, Profile And Shape
Measurement, Light Meter, Lux Meter, Non-Contact Measurement, Gauge, Micrometer And Other Measuring Tool, LED Lupe, Digital Microscpe, Velt Tensionmeter

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Smart Welding machinery

Arc welding machine, Gas welding machine, Plasma welding machine, Resistance welding machine, Electron beam welding machine, Ultrasonic welding machine, Laser welding machine, Plastic welding machine, etc.

Welding materials

Welding wires, Coated electrode, Gouging rod, Hard facing welding wires & rods, Cast iron, stainless electrode, etc.

Welding Robot

Spot welding robot, Arc welding robot, MIG welding robot, Laser welding robot, Gantry Welding Robot, track, sensor, Off-Line Programming, etc.

Inspection and Test

Equipment for nondestructive inspection, Electron microscope, Hardness tester, Industrial endoscope, Video camera, Video microscope, Residual stress analyzer, Welding quality monitoring system, Oxygen measuring instrument, Preheating measuring instrument, etc.

Smart Welding automation

Welding robot & automation, Welding automation facilities, CAD/CAM/CAE, 3D design, 3D simulation, automatic welding device, Welding seam tracking system, etc.

Cutting machinery

Laser cutting machine, Plasma cutting machine, Gas cutting machine, Water jet cutting machine, Cutting robot, Under water cutting machine, CNC shape cutting machine, Pipe cutting machine, etc.

Other welding-related machinery

Chamfering machine, Bending machine, Punching machine, Drill M/C, Band Saw M/C, Shearing machine, Assembling machine, Straightening machine, etc.

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Machine Tools

Grinder M/C, Automatic Chamfering, Drill M/C, Tool Grinder, Erosion Machines, Automatic Cutting

Tool Storage System

Safety Cabinets, Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets, Workbench, Tool Box, Cabinets, Reck, Tool Pick up, Tool Carter, Tool Room, Plastic Drawer Storage

Materials and
Related Products

Coating, Steel, Powder, Tungsten Carbide Rod, Special steel materials

Device for Working

Chuck, Boaring Bar, Live Center, Rotary Table, Cylinder, Vice, Clamp, Jig


Chain Block, Hoist, Lever Block, Magnetic Lifters, Hand Pallet Truck, Table Truck, Stacker, Power Pallet Truck, Crane, Lifter, Picker, Winch, Caster

Safety Goods

Safety Spectacles, Welding Glasses, Safety Goggles, Safety Shoes, Auto Darkening Welding Helmet, Face Shields, Functional Gloves, Cool Jacket, Protector, Anti-Vibration Gloves, Powered Air Purifying Respirators, Supplied Air Respirators, Eye Wash

Prevention Products

Clean Washer, High Pressure Cleaner, Counter, Lux Meter, Tachometer, Sound Level Meter


Hose, Adhesive, Rust Preventive, Lubricant