▶ Shell Scheme

The organizer will provides generic construction for only those companies which choose shell scheme.

  1. Basic work fee
    US$500 per standard unit booth(3m×3m)

  2. Booth specifications
    ㆍSide and rearward walls
    ㆍCarpeting of floor
    ㆍA facia board inscribed with the exhibitor's name
    ㆍAn information desk
    ㆍA folding chair
    ㆍElectric light fittings(3 spotlight per 9㎡)
    ㆍA booth number tag
▶ The raw space only
  1. All the structures and interior decoration should be done by the exhibitor himself or one of the official contractors for safety and overall harmony.
  2. All the expenses for the stand construction and decoration should be paid to the contractor directly.
  3. The exhibitor who applies for raw space only should submit the design of stand, electric rating of lighting equipment and the firm name of contractor to the organizer not latter Sep. 15th, 2023